August E-Mails

29th August 2019

During the summer we sent a few e-mails and attached documents. All of them are posted here for reference.
Mr Richbell.

New School Year 

Dear St Nics Families,  

I hope you have been having a good summer. I am really looking forward to seeing everyone on Friday next week!  

In the meantime, here are a few quick messages and reminders.  


The children's first day is Friday 6th September.  

The playground will be staffed from 8:30am. On the first day you drop off your children in the same place you did last year.  

I have attached a PDF showing where to meet your children at the end of school. Please don't wait on the path between the middle and top playground because it blocks the route.    


With just over a week to go I know many of you will be uniform shopping. Could you take a minute to remind yourselves of the uniform policy which I have attached. Last year some branded trainers, hooded tops and children wearing leggings only (rather than under shorts or skirts) started sneaking in. The reason why we adopted the policy of plain black shoes or trainers - no branded trainers – was so that, when your children are begging you to buy them, you can blame me! Some of our families struggle with uniform costs so we ask that everyone sticks to the rule.  

Don't forget that you don't have to buy our uniform with the school logo. There are plenty of places where good quality grey sweatshirts, jumpers and fleeces are available at reasonable prices.  


On Wednesday morning EVERYONE will be involved in training so no one will be in the office to answer the phone. From lunchtime onwards and on Thursday you will be able to get hold of someone should you need to.  

See you all soon! 

Mr Richbell 

Parents' Handbook

Dear St Nics Families,   

I have attached our updated 'Parents' Handbook' which includes lots of reference information – almost all of which you will know already! It was written a few years ago to help new families find their way around how things work here.  

The handbook includes a few new paragraphs including 'Birthday Sweets' and 'Pencil Cases' (both on p30) following the decisions made in our pupil referendum last year.   

This handbook can be downloaded from the iTunes store (for free) from Monday if you use an iOS device and this PDF version is on our website. 

I was going to send a paper copy home to everyone in September but have decided not to in order to save paper. I will print off about 100 and put them in the entrance. You can pick up a paper copy if you would like one. We can easily print more if they are needed. 

Please let me know if you think of anything you or other parents would find useful to be included in the future. You can e-mail or speak to me on the playground when you next see me.  


Mr R.