Weather Warning

27th February 2018

Weather Updates
New and updated information in red.
It is very difficult to predict whether we will be forced to close at all this week. 
Please could you make preparations and arrangements just in case!
We will do our best to be open or at least 'partially open' if possible.
The way I usually make the decision as to whether or not to open is whether the buses are running. Our site is relatively easy to make safe by clearing snow and putting down salt so it is much more to do with getting enough staff here to safely open. Quite a few of the teachers live in parts of Brighton and the surrounding areas in places where the grit lorries don't go so they rely on being able to walk a reasonable distance to catch a bus in order to get here in poor weather.
Uniform & Clothing
We have cancelled the uniform policy for the rest of the week. Wear warm and practical clothing. Bring an extra jumper. They can also wear trainers or bring in wellington boots to wear outside. It might be worth bringing in a change of socks or a second pair of trousers to change into in case they get wet in the snow.
Please send your children to school in very warm clothes for outside - a good coat, hat, scarf and gloves. They can bring waterproof over trousers as well if they have them. Remember to put your child's name on labels to help reunite them with lost items!
Arriving Late
We will not mark children as late even if they are very late in the morning. If we are open we are happy for you to take as much time as you need to get here safely. If you will be more than half an hour late but want a school dinner, please call the office to book the lunch.
We have postponed all of the trips for the week.
For more advice and information about 'partial opening' visit our snow closure page.