O2 Concert

27th January 2016

O2 Trip to sing at the Young Voices Concert

On Wednesday 28th January, the school choir were off on their trip to the O2. We started our journey at 11 o’clock on a grand coach to London. All of us were very excited and extremely nervous!

When we got there, we met our conductor [Dave] and over 7,000 other children. We had to have a rehearsal which lasted pretty much all afternoon. It was extremely fun but very tiring. We got introduced to the 2015 Beat Box winners and to Tom Billington who sang and bounced around the stage. We also saw Laura Wright who sang. She loved rugby and also played it herself. She taught us how to do some body percussion for the song we were singing that was also shown at the Rugby World Cup.

After the practise we went outside the auditorium and some of us bought food and drinks from the various places. The chips were delicious but very expensive!

When the loudspeaker told us to go back inside we were all over excited and super nervous. We sat down and tried to look for our parents but it was pretty much impossible. In the end we phoned one of them and we all held up our banner and shouted a chant at the same time as our parents did so we knew where they were.

When the concert started it was so exciting and we couldn’t wait to start singing and dancing. We were all singing madly and waving our torches for the whole evening.

After the concert ended we eventually walked out of the O2 through loads of people and finally got back to our coach. We were all exhausted but it had been a great day. Most of us fell asleep on the coach! We got back to school at 11.35pm and were glad to be back home again.

By Sophia, Mya and Elsa 5SP


“It was the best experience I’ve ever had in my life!” Millie 5CM

 “It blew my mind!” Summer  (5CM)