Spring Term Newsletter

29th March 2018

What A Term!

It has been a slightly more exciting term than we might have chosen! A week of not knowing, day by day, whether we would be able to open due to snow. The following week the big fire on the seafront meant we had to lock the school down and keep the children in at playtimes! We would like less excitement of that nature next term if possible.

Bike-ability & Scooter Training

The team of bike and scooter trainers from Brighton & Hove Council have done a magnificent job this term. I have heard from many proud parents of children who have managed to ride a bike for the first time. It looks like bike-it days are going to get even busier!

Visits and Visitors

Most of the trips we had planned this term had to be postponed because of the weather but years 3 & 4 managed to get to Brighton Museum where they learned to mummify a person (OK, just a dummy) and looked at all sorts of interesting Egyptian artefacts. 

Reception went to Spring Barn Farm where they got to meet the lambs and hold some chickens. Shortly afterwards, they received some eggs in an incubator. When the chicks hatched the children were allowed to choose any names for the chicks that they wanted so they picked… Nigel, Norman, Allen and Dave! 

Reception has been a popular place to visit recently.

Playground Project Work Day

I would like to thank the parents, staff  and children who gave up their Saturday to put the benches together, remake the pond, put the fence posts in around the bus and finish off the boxing in at the back of the bus. Between us all we got a huge amount done in just six hours!


The dancers did us proud again when taking part in the yearly ‘Let’s Dance’ festival at The Dome. Their behaviour was great and, according to one of the dancers they 'nailed it' on the night!

Year 3 were AMAZING in their ‘Bee Musical’ production. Some real talent on display! Confident singing and great comic timing - and they can dance a bit as well!

St Nicolas Book Day

We didn’t do World Book Day because we had trips planned - that were then postponed because of the snow! However, we more than made up for it with our own ‘Monsters and Aliens’ book day yesterday. We were very grateful to Aaron Blecha who told the children about what inspired him to become an illustrator and author.