Olympics & Paralympics Competition

27th May 2016

Prizes Include: The mascots we are using for our Olympic display,various olympic and Team GB memorabilia! Every entrant will receive a certificate.

What You Have To Do: You can produce anything inspired by the Olympic & Paralympic values or heros. 

This could include: A painting, photograph, magazine article, interview (video or audio), poster, sculpture, story, poem, video, animation etc.

Olympic Values: friendship, respect, excellence 

Paralympic Values: 
determination, courage, equality, inspiration.

Olympic or Paralympic Heroes: 
Past or present. British or International.

When: all entries must be in by Thursday 23rd June.

Display: All entries will be on display during the Summer Fair on 2nd July.

Return of Entries: You will be able to take back your entry later in the term. Some will be sent home soon after the Summer Fair. Others will be left on display until the end of term.


You can enter a maximum of two items, one per heading (i.e one ‘Hero’ and one ‘Values’).
Every child has to enter at least once.

You can use something you are doing for homework or in your school work or you can do your own thing.

It must be your own work, though you can get advice and suggestions and little bit of help where safety is involved (cutting things with a knife etc).

Judging: The competition will be judged by our school staff through secret voting. Once we have a winner for each of the two categories we will hold a second secret vote. In the event of a tied vote we will draw lots for the final winner. Other prizes will be chosen by those finishing in second and third places. Our decision is final (no arguing!). The purpose of the competition is to inspire the children to think about the Olympic values and we hope they will enjoy the competition rather than entering purely to win one of the prizes.