Safer Internet Training

5th May 2019

Dear St Nics Families,

In the autumn term our PTA organised a 'Safer Internet Training' event for parents at St Nics (coordinated by Mrs Marrs). It was so well received that we agreed we needed to organise it again, this time with workshops for the children during the school day.

If you can come along on Thursday evening I would highly recommend it.

Please sign up using this link.

Children are not permitted to attend the evening event. 

Mr Richbell




Below is the information we circulated prior to the Autumn Term event:

At St Nics, as in most schools, eSafety has been an increasing concern for us as a community. We know that children as young as Year 2 are using platforms through which it is possible for strangers to contact them and several of our families have been in touch with us in the past year about very concerning incidents that have happened online at home.

Although we adults do our best to keep our children safe while allowing them appropriate freedom it is really difficult to keep up with the issues and to understand what the risks really are.

For this reason, our PTA have arranged for two experts - ex-policemen who worked in the field of online child protection - to run a training session for parents on Tuesday 11th September from 7pm. Please be warned that they will not be pulling any punches and for this reason we will not be allowing any children to be in the building during the evening. Hopefully it will provide you with the information you need to make informed decisions.  


Message from PTA: 

How much do you know about The Dark Web? 

When you think about Stranger Danger, are you thinking of a white van outside school or a man with a dog that has just had puppies?  St Nicolas PTA are pleased to announce that we have invited EST E Safety training to host an event at our school that will take this message about stranger danger and turn it on it’s head.

EST Safety training is run by the 2 John’s.  John and John have a combined Police Service of over 55 years. In that time they have worked extensively in the world of investigating and managing paedophiles. The 2 John’s provide Child Sexual Exploitation training for numerous Community Safety Teams and school consortiums and are respected countrywide as the foremost experts in this field.

Unlike similar events, this presentation will not be covering issues like password security or blocking software. The aim of the event is to bring parents/carers totally up to date with regards to the apps their children are using and how they are being directly targeted in that environment.

The event will take parents/carers on an uncomfortable journey where they will be left questioning the current perspective they have about their child’s eSafety.  

This is an adults only training session as the event content is not appropriate for children.

We really hope you will be able to attend. This event is being paid for using PTA funds and is therefore free to all parents/carers of children attending St Nicolas School. 

Thank You

St Nicolas PTA