Years 3&4 Sleepover

23rd October 2015

On Friday 2nd October the children in years 3 & 4 had their ‘Jungle Sleepover’. After school we cleared the classrooms and set them up as dormitories. The children had a supper of sausage, chips and beans, played games, sang around the campfire and watched the start of the New Zealand v Georgia rugby match, mainly to see the Hakka, and then had a late night story.

I spoke to Alan, Connor and Bella about the day: I liked it when me and my friends were hanging out with some older year 4s. During the day we were mixed up with them in our groups so we made new friends in year 4 because we hadn’t really played with them before. During the day we did some activities like fruit tasting, learning the Hakka, treasure hunt, an assault course and shelter building - we told stories in the den that we built. I lost my shoe in the assault course! It was also a good day for the people who didn’t get to stay over as well because they got to do the activities during the day.