Non-Uniform Day & Dr Bike

18th October 2016

We have decided to have a non-uniform day on Friday. It isn’t to raise money for charity or anything, we just think that the children have earned it as a celebration of our Ofsted report and their contribution to achieving it.

Bring in Your Bike or Scooter

Also on Friday, Ben Sherratt (more commonly known as ‘Bike-It Ben’) is coming to do another Dr Bike session. If your child has a bike, and you can get it here, he will check it and fix anything that is easily fixable.

During the day, every class will have an opportunity to go out and have a cycle or scooter around a course on the top playground. We are even going to try to build a couple of small ramps for them to jump! They can also use their bikes and scooters at lunchtime.

Should be fun!