Our Families Zone Home Page

Should you need a paper copy of any of the documents on our website you can contact the school office and request one. Most can be printed free of charge.
Lots of documents that you may need access are kept in a "DropBox' folder called 'Useful Documents' which you can access here. You do not need a DropBox account to be able to access the documents. We just use DropBox because it is easier to add files to the website.
These 'useful documents' include all of our curriculum documentation, information about how we manage behaviour and tackle bullying, a guide about how to raise concerns or make a complaint and much more.
If you use an electronic calendar service you can subscribe to the school calendar by clicking here. Please note that this calendar does NOT include clubs as this would overload your diary!
Topic Talks - January 2019
This is the information which was shared at the topic talks at the start of term.
Parents' Handbook
As well as having the parent handbook on this website and being able to download a PDF version, you will shortly be able to download it into iBooks if you have an iPad or iPhone. Watch out for the announcement.
Statutory Tests Including SATs
We have a section of the website about statutory tests to explain the Reception Baseline, Year 1 Phonics Check, Year 2 SATs, Year 4 Multiplications Check and the Year 6 SATs.

Parent Pay

We use ParentPay for payment for trips and school dinners. Log in here.

If you already have a ParentPay account with another school you can merge them.

Download this PDF for information:

Free Swimming in Brighton & Hove
This is available to primary age children after school, at the weekends and during the holiday. Check it out here.
iPad Applications - Getting Started & iTunes U Course
We are going to produce a series of videos showing how to use some of the iPad Apps that we use in school. See all of the videos on our website here.

Alternatively, we have set up an iTunes U course about how to get stated with some of the iPad Apps that we use in school. Either follow this link or enter the code FHH-9MH-Y73 into the iTunes U App on your iPad or iPhone. This means you will be able to get new guides automatically as we produce them.
Excellent site to give you a wealth of ideas on how to help you support your child's learning and enjoyment of Maths: http://www.familymathstoolkit.org.uk/