Partial Closure Contingencies

Contingencies for Staffing Shortage

Updated 16th March

In the survey some of you were asking for schools to be closed as soon as possible while others were asking us to please not close schools. Some of you are very worried about schools being open because of the risks of spreading the virus while others of you are worried about how you are going to be able to afford rent and food if you can't work because the children are at home.

In the end it won't be our decision. We will remain open for as long as we can until we are told to close. Again, we have no inside knowledge but it is now my opinion that we will be told to close in the reasonably near future. We are urgently planning to support in any way we can.

This page deals with  contingencies for reduced staffing and possible partial closing. The next page will deal with plans if we are required to close. 

With the changes in guidance now requiring all members of a household  to self-isolate for 14 days if even one of the household has symptoms, it makes it much more likely that we will have significant numbers of staff absent. It also makes it much more likely that significant numbers of children will be absent so we may be able to simply join classes together to allow us to continue to be fully open.

If we can't fully staff the classes in a safe way:

Contingency 1: Voluntary absence

We will send an e-mail out to families of children in the affected year group and ask that anyone who can keep their children off without losing paid work or having to pass child care onto someone in a high risk category, does so.

Contingency 2: Reduced Week

If we have staff off for a full 14 days, rather than a class or year group having to be off while everyone else is in, we will rotate which year group is off on a specific day and the teachers will teach different classes at different times. So, for example, it could be that Year 1 are in on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, Year 2 on Tuesdays, Wednesday and Thursday etc. If it is ever needed we would set up a timetable depending on who we have in and circulate it to you.


If either of these contingencies become necessary, we will give you as much notice as we possibly can but it could happen very quickly.

Helping Each Other / Preparation

I suspect many of you are doing this already but could you talk to each other about what might be possible in supporting each other in the event of either a partial or complete closure of the school? Would it be possible to group together in twos or threes to take it in turns to look after and home educate?