School Closure Contingencies

Contingency Planning for Full Closure of the School

Updated 16th March

The contingencies for what happens if the government requires all schools to close are still being worked on but here are our thoughts so far.

Home Learning Packs

We've sent home some blank exercise books today. By the end of the week everyone should have a pen, pencil, rubber, ruler etc. and a plastic wallet to keep everything in. If you need anything else, let us know.

Learning Activities

At staff meeting this week we will be planning some learning activities that can be done at home. We will photocopy pages from fact books and put some task sheets together to send home this week. 

I'll also be teaching staff how to make and upload video tutorials.

Very few of you have printers but we have an idea to print things you need for several days in school and then timetable year groups to come in to collect packs. We would let you drive into the car par or walk through from Highlands Road, prop the front doors open, remind you to use the hand sanitiser before going to the hall to collect your packs and only talk to you through the glass windows in the office (no offence!)

We will e-mail everything for those of you who don't want to come into school.

We will also try to be creative and not just give your children piles of worksheets. It may well be that we adopt a similar style to the home learning menus or at least provide some choice. 

Learning Platform & Online Learning Tools

We don't currently have a 'Learning Platform' (a victim of the funding cuts) but we are looking into getting something like 'Purple Mash' which has online tools for all ages and will allow teachers to set work for children to do it online. We may also set up DropBox or Google upload folders so your children can send photographs of work they have done or upload audio and video clips.

According to the survey, almost everyone has a broadband connection with enough data to allow us to plan to use video tutorials. Most families have devices that will work with our website and the online learning tools we are thinking about buying.


If you don't have access to at least a tablet device or laptop/desktop we have some iPads and laptops that we can lend out. They won't be covered by school insurance but we want to do everything we can to help those of you who need it. Please e-mail the office to let us know if you will need one.

Reading & Books - Preparation

If you don't have a huge selection of books or your children have already read most of what you have in the house, ask them to get extra books out of our library. The class teachers are going to allow children to borrow from their class libraries as well. Maybe visit your local library and borrow some books and audiobooks? Don't read them now. Keep them back in case.

Suggestions for You

We will put together some suggestions to help you with home educating your children - while also trying to get your own work done! For instance, set up a timetable showing when they should be working and when they can have breaks. We will do our best to use video tutorials etc. so that at least some of the learning can be done independently.

Real Time Learning Support from School

If schools close many of our staff have young children of their own who will also be off school. Some staff may be unavailable due to illness. Others will be required in school to keep some skeleton services running. We are not yet sure to what extent we will be able to provide real time learning support, but we are working on some solutions and will let you know what we come up with soon. Several ideas came from parents in the survey but I need to find out more!

Supporting Each Other

I mentioned this on the previous e-mail but now is the time to be talking to each other about how you might be able to help each other out. Are there ways of sharing time / expertise etc.

Lunches for Those Who Need Them

I am attending a planning meeting with the Local Authority / Council on Wednesday morning and I know this is an issue they are also concerned about. I'll let you know more as soon as I know.


I'll have more information about learning platforms and online learning tools tomorrow and we'll be able to tell you more about the home learning activities after our staff meeting on Wednesday.