Vandalism Of Bus - Help

8th January 2020

Although the cost of repairing the damage to the bus would have been well over £10,000, the incredible generosity of Brighton & Hove Buses and other local companies (who we will list here shortly) means we don't need to raise the full amount.
Our PTA have set up a funding page with a target to raise £2,000 to cover any costs. If there is money left over it will be used to make the bus even better, improve security to protect it and buy equipment for the children to use at playtime.
Thank you so much to all of you who have helped in the many and various ways you have. You've been amazing!

Dear St Nics Families & Friends,

Vandalism Of The Bus

So many of us gave up so much time and put in so much effort to make the school bus the magical place it was for our children. When I show visitors around our school I use it as an example of what our school family is capable of.

On Monday I was so upset and angry that three individuals could so maliciously and methodically destroy what we worked so hard to build. We have discovered that the culprits started their vandalism on Saturday but came back on Sunday to finish the job off! EVERY window was smashed. Most of the seats have been punctured or slashed. ALL of the books, comics, games, Lego, art materials, toy cars, toy soldiers, bean bags, tables and cushions have had to be thrown out because they were either damaged beyond repair or had fragments of glass in them. I really don't understand why anyone would want to do this. 

Kindness & Generosity

Since the news broke on Monday the response of kindness and generosity from our families, friends of the school and strangers has been overwhelming. So many e-mails, tweets, telephone calls and Facebook posts (whatever they are), offers of donations of money or practical support from so many people!

Many Headteachers from other Portslade and Brighton & Hove schools have been in touch and asked whether there is anything  their schools can do to help!

It has been very touching.

How Can You Help?

It is possible that some of you can help out while also recycling toys and books that your children have outgrown or wish to donate. Toy cars, Lego, toy soldiers, chess sets, snakes and ladders or similar board games, short books, picture books, fact books, comics, children's magazines - anything like that to help restock the bus would be really welcome. They don't have to be in perfect condition. Things like the toy cars get a real battering so well used is fine!

Funding Page

Lots of you have been asking whether we can set up a funding page to raise money to help put things right. We have been working on a list of what we need but almost all of the big things have already been pledged by some incredibly generous local businesses. I will make sure a future e-mail and website post has all the details.

I am meeting with our PTA tomorrow evening (Wednesday) to ask them to set up a funding page for those of you who want to help that way. However, I want to be certain what we need the money for and how much we need before asking.

I am very aware that Christmas is an expensive time of year. I know many of you want to do something to help but I would be very upset if people gave money they really don't have at the moment. Please don't worry or feel under any pressure. We'll be fine. 

Thank You!

Thank you so much to everyone who has spoken to us, e-mailed, offered to help or been sympathetic.

An ENORMOUS THANK YOU to everyone who was able to give up their time at no notice to help make the playground safe or to clear the glass and wreckage from the bus - a particularly unpleasant and difficult job.

When I first saw the state of the bus I wondered whether it was going to be repairable at all. With the enormous support of so many people I wouldn't be that surprised if it was open again (better than before) by half term!

Thanks again,


Andy Richbell